Fungi Festival

Fungi Festival The Best EdiblesThe first annual Sicamous & Shuswap Lake Wild Mushroom & Food Festival was held in beautiful Sicamous, B.C. in 2005.

Participants enjoyed identifying and picking wild mushrooms, watching evening presentations, and attending workshops.     

Join us, September 18, 19, & 20, 2015.

At the Red Barn in Sicamous, British Columbia. 

 Celebrate the end of summer in

                           beautiful British Columbia,

            and enjoy a mushroom experience with us!



ATTENTION ARTISTS!  Please submit by July 1, 2015.

The Fungi Festival is planning to print new t-shirts for our 2015 festival in September BUT we are looking for a great design or artwork to feature.  Our hope:  A t-shirt design that will SELL and includes the website address.

All kinds of people attend our festival, with many traveling to Sicamous from all over North America.  We are an adult-oriented event but have visitors that range from young adults to the elderly.

Our festival is also one of very few mushroom events that offers more than education and guided mushroom hunting tours.  We also offer delicious chef-crafted meals utilizing fresh wild mushrooms and cooking classes.  (*It is possible we may also be interested in artwork that could be printed on aprons).  And we have a lively festival atmosphere with local music and a beer garden.

There are a few other characteristics to mention that are unique to our festival:

  • We hold the festival annually at the Red Barn Arts Center in Sicamous.
  • We are right on the channel to the beautiful Shuswap Lake.  The landscape and views are stunning - blue waters, sandy beaches, mossy evergreen forests, and rolling mountain ranges.
  • Sicamous is the houseboat capital of Canada.  Houseboats passing under the Sicamous Bridge (Trans Canada Highway 1) and trawling out onto the Shuswap Lake is a common sight for all attending the Fungi Festival.  We are considering organizing pre-festival and a post-festival house boating and mushroom hunting trips in 2015.
  • Paul Kroeger is our Head Guide and has been with the festival since its beginning in 2005.  Each year our most popular presentation is that given by Paul on psychedelic mushrooms.  Paul has a great look for caricature.
  • Many mushroom festivals are run by clubs, ours is privately run by our festival founders Peter Steiner and Ellen Visser.  Peter’s wise and gnome-ly demeanour is visually punctuated by his usual pipe smoking.  Ellen’s tall frame and flowing summer dresses are topped with golden curls and an undeniably contagious smile.  Maybe also good material for a cameo caricature.
  • We’ve created a bumper sticker for our event that is also popular.  “Wild Mushroom Hunting is a Deadly Sport”  with reading underneath.

The choice mushrooms to feature include pine mushrooms, lobster mushrooms, and chanterelles.  Others of lesser interest would include shaggy manes, liberty caps, boletus, and red-belted conk / polypore.  

Our primary interest is a new t-shirt design.  We’ll consider all designs, from a simple re-vamp of our logo to an intricate piece of artwork.


New for 2015

Pre-festival & Post-Festival House Boating and Mushroom Hunting Tour on the Shuswap Lake

Join the Fungi Festival for a five day and four night mushroom hunting tour on the Shuswap Lake.  Travel on one of Sicamous' famous houseboats.  Take in the sights of the Shuswap while enjoying chef created meals and guided mushroom hunts.  Play, learn, and relax!  Educational presentations and discussions during the evening by Fungi Festival Guides.  A planned stop at Narrows Village Resort for a unique Mongolian Grill dinner.  You supply your own alcohol for this event. 

Join the Fungi Festival!  We're going where no road goes, into the wilderness and off the grid in luxury!


Contact the Fungi Festival for more information at


Narrows Village
The Grizzly House
117 Finlayson Street
PO Box 969
Sicamous BC   V0E 2V0
Ph: 250.804.6496
Fax: 250.836.2278
Fungi Festival
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