Get acquainted with some of the people you will meet at this year’s Fungi Festival.

Paul Kroeger

Founder and Past President of the Vancouver Mycological Society.

Paul is a researcher, collector, and consultant, in forest mycology, toxicology, medicines, and identification.

If anyone knows wild mushrooms, it’s Paul!

Paul will be identifying mushrooms from the day’s forays at the Legion.

Paul is the #1 identifier of psychedelic mushrooms

Larry Evans

He is back baby! Larry is featured in the film Know Your Mushrooms by Ron Mann and referred to as the Indiana Jones of Mushrooms.

He has been teaching classes & leading mushroom expeditions since 1980.

Larry has attended most festivals but had to miss one to be in Ecuador with the BBC and PBS Networks filming on witch doctors and wild mushrooms and 2020 and 2021 due to issues with crossing the border during the pandemic.

Tyson Elhers

Tyson is a biologist from the Slocan Valley who specializes in forest mushrooms.

He studies the ecology of wild edible mushrooms harvested from the forests of British Columbia and has intimate knowledge of species found in the Kootenays.

He shares this knowledge with eager mycophiles through his research and workshops.

Mitch Milgram

Mitch is a teacher, craftsman and avid mushroom enthusiast from Salmon Arm. He’s been collecting and identifying mushrooms for over 40 years, has been a member of a number of mycology clubs, and has taught mushroom identification courses through Okanagan College in Vernon, Salmon Arm and Revelstoke for the last 20 years.

Martin Osis

We are excited to welcome Martin Osis to this year’s Fungi Festival. Martin has been learning about and studying mushrooms since childhood. In 1987 he was one of the founding members of the Alberta Mycological Society. Since that time he has acted as President, Program coordinator, Foray coordinator as well as presenting Mushroom introductory and Medicinal Mushroom courses. Martin was the Vice President of NAMA (North American Mushroom Association) as well as spearheading the formation of NAMA’s Medicinal Mushroom Committee. Along with being an expert identifier Martin is currently sitting on DNAMA, NAMA’s DNA sequencing committee. Martin has entertained many audiences with his mushroom talks over the years including at National Conventions of Canadian Culinary Federation, Canadian Food Producers Association, Alberta Toxicologists Association, plus a variety of Natural History groups and at NAMA’s annual foray presenting on “Mushroom use in Traditional Chinese Medicine”.¬†

George Landry

George is a retired fighter pilot who has picked wild mushrooms for the commercial market.

George has been a part of our festival for years, he is our Wagon Master and All-Day Tour Coordinator and guide.

Douglas Airey

Doug lives in Malakwa, he knows the area, he knows the woods, and he knows the mushrooms!

Doug is our local expert and main scout on the ground, helping the guides pick locations leading up to the festival.

Deb Heap

Deb is quick to point out she has absolutely no qualifications when it comes to mushrooms or event management, but she recognized this is a wonderful festival that must continue.  She is doing her best to facilitate things for our amazing experts and festival participants.

Alumni Daniel Winkler and Robert Rogers

will not be able to join us this year, but we hope to get them back soon.

Robert Rogers – Mycomatrix Key Advisor | Mushroom Mountain

Peter Steiner & Ellen Visser

Peter and Ellen are the Founders of the Fungi Festival.

We will do our best to continue their legacy with this amazing festival.